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Can young love be stymied by social media, by the likes of Facebook and twitter? If this theme intrigues you, if you are interested in what happens when a nerdy student investigates his potential girlfriend online, then read my newest short story, Coffee with Luna. It has appeared in Alfie Dog Fiction, and is now available in the short story collection Came as Me, Left as We, published by Alfie Dog Fiction, Great Britain. Came as Me, Left as We is available as a paperback as well as a download from or through Amazon and other leading online retailers.

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For some years, I have been a professor of mathematics and computer science at Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada, editing books and publishing in journals, as the profession would demand. My interest in creative writing dates from my early twenties. I have written various short stories and co-authored a screenplay for a short television movie that recreates Shakespeare’s Macbeth in an orbiting space station. My science fantasy, Freija, appeared in Manitoba Myriad: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose [edited by V. Bullen, M.A. Lamy and E. Peers]. I have shared the stage with Giller Prize winner, David Bergen, in a double-reading event that was organized through the Brandon University creative writing program.

My interest in all things relating to World War II—books, movies, museums—dates from earlier still, from when I was a boy. My most recent, and longer, creative work imagines a young woman, newly recruited to the Allied cause, and an Austrian schoolteacher. Their mission takes them from the D-Day invasion of Normandy to the death throes of the Nazi regime in the ruins of Berlin.

Jeff Williams at the sea front in Saint-Malo, France

Jeff Williams at the sea front in Saint-Malo, France

My blog, Second by Second World War, provides a week by week account of the people, places and events as they came to the fore in the news and newsreels of seven decades past. Vignettes and reviews of books are included, from time to time.

Jeff Williams at the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda, site of WWII censorship and code breaking.

Jeff Williams at the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda, site of WWII censorship and code breaking.

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  1. Dear Jeff,

    You have a great blog. I’m looking forward for reading more your posts. I would love to discuss with you about WW2 and especially the Third Reich.

    Good night from Finland 🙂


  2. Jeanette White Eyes says:

    Hello Jeff,
    I enjoyed looking at a picture of Camp Pershing in Iceland. My late father Carl D. Steele, helped build those metal Quonset Huts during World War ll. He was in charge of putting together the Laundry Unit. I have many pictures stamped censored from the Camp. They kept close watch of what kind of photos, and letters left that Camp. I have two audio tapes of my father account of what he lived through in World War ll. He later left for England, France, and then to Germany. I even have his deposition from court of the Asbestos that the John’s Mansfield Company sent the US Army to bind the pipes in the Laundry Unit there so they would not freeze. Back then, they did not use any gloves, or even a mask, and the asbestos was in a powder form, like flour. Please message me back.
    Thank you,
    Jeanette Steele-White Eyes California

    • secondbysecond says:

      Hello Jeanette, Thank you for your message. Your dad must have had some interesting WWII stories. Terribly sad that the dangers of asbestos were not recognized for so many years. I visited Iceland some years ago when I was a student. It is a beautiful and desolate place. The offshore volcano had only recently erupted out of the sea and I was lucky enough to fly over it in a small plane. My wife was flying over Iceland years later when the large on-island volcano erupted. … Jeff

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