This week in the war, 5–11 February 1945: Operation Veritable

Infantry advance through the Reichswald during Operation Veritable, 8 February 1945 [Public domain]

This week in the war, 8 February 1945, saw the launch of Operation Veritable. The Canadians headed south from Nijmegen, aiming to dislodge the Germans from the west bank of the Rhine.

The Red Army had already crossed the Oder at a number of places and were only sixty miles from Berlin.

That night in the capital of the Reich, Hitler admired a model that had been built to show the planned postwar reconstruction of Linz—a city dear to the Fuehrer’s heart and the location of the planned Fuehrermuseum. Hitler still made a show (an outward show, at least) of being optimistic about the future.

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